Your Child Now Recognises Numerals On The Clock

Your Child Now Recognises Numerals On The Clock
Recognise numbers

Numbers are everywhere around us, on the clock, on the door, on the number plates of the cars and so on. Your preschooler has now started recognizing the numbers and this is the first stage for her to become a budding mathematician. The face of the clock is one place that will be the best place to learn the numerals. She will still not understand the concept of numbers and time but will be able to recognize the numbers.

What you need to know

At this age, counting, one-on-one correspondence and number recognition are the basic math skills that your child will learn. If your darling is still not showing an interest in learning these simple math skills, do not fret. Every child learns and grasps things at their own pace. Once she gets an interest in these skills, there will be no stopping her.

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