Your Child Now Takes A Lot From Adult Behaviour

Your Child Now Takes A Lot From Adult Behaviour

At this age, your little one is highly influenced by you. You may not know it, but your day-to day behaviour, from the way you drive the tone of your voice, is shaping the way your child will act for the rest of his life. 

What you need to know

You influence your child’s social skills directly, indirectly and through management of your child’s activities. Your little one is not only influenced by your daily actions but also by how you converse with other people in his presence. Your child at this time, is very prone to imitate your actions. Now, your little one identifies with you because, you provide the primary models to follow after and to live up to.

What you can do

It is very important to note that even though you might not think about your behavioural pattern on a day-to- day basis, but it has an enormous effect on your child. You always have to monitor his behaviour, but also trust him do his own things as well and make him responsible for his own actions. Ultimately, the most important thing is to behave in a way that you want your child to emulate, listen to his needs and set clear boundaries that are appropriate and be helpful for him. You, as a parent, wants the best for your child and to help him make this happen remember to be aware of how your actions impact him.

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