Your Child Now Understands Genders

Your Child Now Understands Genders

At this age, your kiddo is conscious about gender and tries imitating the same sex parent. For instance, a 4 year old girl would try to dress up like mommy while a boy would want to drive the car like daddy. As the exposure to the outer world increases, your little one would also start grouping tasks as male-oriented and female-oriented.

What you can do 

Although today’s multitasking life has made it mandatory for us to don different hats, there is no denying that the basics remain unchanged. It’s important to tell your child that every person is equally responsible for routine jobs irrespective of gender. For instance, cooking is common to all family members though mommy knows it better; it’s completely fine if Sara’s dad is a teacher and her mom a police officer. Such a strong foundation right from childhood will help the child grow into a socially tolerant and respectable adult, which is the prime need for today’s society.