Your Child Now Understands the Concept of Being Organised Better

You may observe that your child now knows more about themselves, about rules and limits. Since inculcating discipline in children is important, it’s now the right age to slowly make them do simple chores by themselves, which builds a sense of responsibility in them and also makes them organized.

What you need to know
Common chores where the family or siblings are involved help your child to understand teamwork, sharing & bonding. Start with simple things like letting them keep the books in their school bags neatly, sharpening pencils and putting them in the pencil box/pouch, clearing plates after meals and putting them in the sink, doing the washing up, watering the plants, running errands for the parents, putting toys and books back in their place after using and other such tasks.

Your Child Now Understands the Concept of Being Organised Better

When they start doing this it helps them increase their sense of personal responsibility, get organized and become independent in taking care of themselves and their things.




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