Your Child Now Understands the Power of 'I Love You' When You Say It

Your Child Now Understands the Power of 'I Love You' When You Say It
Verbal language

With your child's growing understanding, at this stage he quite well understands the significance of the words "I love you," when you say it often.Think about love for a moment. Love has the power to change lives in incredible ways. It causes grown men to buy flowers and teddy bears on February 14th. It causes women to give up the power of the remote control. It causes you to drive to the pharmacy for children’s cough syrup at two in the morning.

What you need to know

When love gets a hold of us, you become a different person almost overnight with no convincing required. Our lives change just because we have fallen under the control and influence of love. But love is such a powerful emotion that it even begins to change the person who is loved because to be loved is to be changed. And that’s why, to the best of your knowledge, you tell your children every single night: I love you my dear. But did you know it's not just words and feelings, but also a great tool to enhance your kiddo's emotional development?

Importance of saying I Love You

It begins to change who they are, what they know, and who they will become. Whether 2 to 3 years old or 90-years old, a message of being loved brings a smile to our face and joy to our soul. It warms the heart, lifts the spirit, and results in joy. It has the opportunity to change the course of an entire day or the course of an entire lifetime.

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