Your Child Now Wishes To Spend Equal Time With Both The Parents

Your Child Now Wishes To Spend Equal Time With Both The Parents
Verbal language
Family Bonding

Your child has learnt to recognize faces. They have grown from an infant to a sensible kid who can walk and talk. The age group 3-4 is very important – this is the time your child should start learning about family values. This cannot be developed without giving time to the kid and ideally, this is also the time when your kid wishes to spend equal time with both the parents.

What you need to know
As parents you need to make sure that the little one can spend quality and interactive time with both the mother and father. It is important because they will be open to learning and become familiar with their actions and behaviour. Make the kid comfortable during their time with you.

You can play interactive games or can ask them questions so that they share things with you. Cuddle and praise them when they do something good. This is the perfect time when you can develop a strong bond along with making your kid learn different activities. The next step would be to make the child interact with other elders in the family so that they can slowly learn about human relationships and bonds.