Your Child Should Be Able to Justify Some of His Answers Now

Your school-going kid already knows the answers to many questions, such as his full name, his address, his father's name and so much more! Wow! Seems like yesterday that he was born and he knows so much already!

What you need to know

Your little one can also justify his answers to some extent when questioned. For instance, if you ask him why he likes a particular friend over another, you could expect an answer like “because he is very nice to me and never fights”. Remember their answers are subject to change with every new experience; be prepared to hear different answers to the same questions several times within a day too.

Your Child Should Be Able to Justify Some of His Answers Now

You can also notice his ability to describe things using adjectives such as ‘beautiful’, ‘ugly’, ‘interesting’, ‘yummy’ , ‘super’ etc. Multilingual kids tend to mix up words from different languages while trying to express themselves. Help them with the right word without sounding bossy.

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