Your Child Still Has Sensitive Skin

Your Child Still Has Sensitive Skin
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Your kiddo may be older now but his skin is still sensitive. The magnitude of that sensitivity will of course vary from kid to kid. Some children are born sensitive. All their sense organs have heightened sensitivity. Sound, sunlight, texture, motion, light and even air can bother their sense organs. If your child has issues with over sensitivity, it can really be frustrating. However be assured that some of the sensitivity issues will go away with time while others, they will learn to manage.

What you need to know 
Skin sensitivity is a fairly common problem for many children. For a younger child it is easier to protect them from the external environment that affects the skin, but as the children start growing older it is no longer possible to keep them indoors all the time. Neither is it advisable to not allow your child to grow like all other children just because they are born with ultra-sensitive skin.
As children will be spending more and more time outdoor, in the park, school and play grounds, they will come back with more rashes, scratches, bug bites and allergies. A contact with scented cream, harsh ingredients, or rough clothes can immediately result in rashes and inflammation.

What you can do
The easiest way to handle sensitive skin is to use loads of unscented, thick, medicated cream after every wash. You can ask a dermatologist to suggest such a cream for your child. It is also advised to limit the number of baths and not bathe in too warm water because bathing in warm water strips away the skin of the essential oils that acts as a natural defence.