Your Child Still Loves It When You Read To Him

By now your child should try to read on his own. But many children still like it when their Mom or Dad read to them. Your kiddo is still very attached to you, and it's a lovely bonding time when you read to him.

What you need to do

Your Child Still Loves It When You Read To Him

Firstly, you can set aside some time daily that is quiet with no distractions. It’s ideal to keep it at the same time daily. Get your child to pick a book from his collection. This gives him a sense of pride that his opinion matters and he will be more engaged with the book.

While reading to him, sit close together. Let him hold the book and turn the pages while you read to him. Make it more participative by asking questions like "What do you think will happen next?"or "Have you seen this character somewhere?" Give your child plenty of time to respond. Most important, make it fun and enjoyable for both of you. You can use funny voices or use props etc to make it livelier.

When you read to your child, it’s a great way to bond together. It serves two purposes- it’s fun and also you are laying the foundation of lifelong reading in your child.




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