Your Child Still Needs Major Motivation From You

Your 6-year-old child has entered primary school, and you might be racking your brains to come up with good ideas to motivate your child and help him excel in academic as well as co-curricular activities at school.

What you can do

Set goals: Assign your child simple tasks to complete them in a specific time limit. For instance, complete two pages of mathematical assignment in an hour, and also encourage him to achieve the set targets.

Your Child Still Needs Major Motivation From You

Appreciate your child: If your kid achieves any goal, academic or non-academic, appreciate his efforts and achievements along with all the positive qualities he has.

Give rewards:  Rewarding your child with small gifts after he accomplishes something will boost his morale and motivate him to make greater efforts to achieve goals.

Enroll your kid in a hobby class: If your six-year-old is fond of any particular activity, such as drawing, singing, or dancing, then enroll him in a hobby class that provides quality training to help him master his hobby.

Embrace imperfections: Parental and peer pressure can make your kid anxious or demoralized. Embrace your 6-year-old child’s imperfections and guide him slowly to achieve perfection. Avoid rebuking.

With these simple steps, you can ensure that your kid is motivated to do better and achieve greater goals in the long run.




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