Your Child Understands Reality Better Now

As your 7+ year old kiddo is now able to understand the happenings around them and are also learning in school about the world around them, their imagination takes on full speed. They now can distinguish between fantasy and reality, and favour reality. Imagination is an activity of the mind which the child starts developing at a very young age.  They can also solve problems by providing solutions and their memory power is organized and continuous.

What you need to know
Imagination is necessary for a kid to cope with life’s twist and turns and grow into a well-adjusted & secure adult. Parents and teachers need to hone the child’s imagination so that they grow into creative individuals. You can fire your child’s imagination at this age by telling stories and also by encouraging them to tell their own stories. Allow them to draw and paint; give them play dough and make them create everyday things they see around.Your Child Understands Reality Better Now

Origami is one of the ways you can improve your child’s imaginative power at this age as they have required stability in their hands & fingers and can fold and fix. This art will enable your child to improve their coordination and concentration skills.

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