Your Child Wants Your Involvement More Than Ever

Your Child Wants Your Involvement More Than Ever
Self Regulation

At this age, your 6 year old really wants you to be involved and supportive in whatever he does. Though he is eager to play with his peers, you are still important in your child’s play. Whatever be your age, when mums and dads play with their child, it benefits the whole family.

What you need to know

Mums enjoy games where the child’s creative skills develop like crafts, role play etc, while dads usually like more active outdoor plays. Even if you don't feel like doing it or find it silly, once you get started, it’s amazing just how fun and interactive it can be with your child. For example, if your child wants to play house-house with you with her kitchen toys, join her in the game. It serves as an opportunity to role play and interact with your child in fun ways. If it’s reading, take turns and read the entire story.

Read slowly, pause when needed, ask questions, play a guessing game etc. Games like Snakes and Ladders or Scrabble serve as terrific avenues for your child to understand rules, get better with coordination and spend quality time together. Ball games and having picnics in the backyard are opportunities where you get to take a break from household chores and ensure your child limits screen time. The final result is very rewarding for both of you, and that is enjoying positive learning experiences together and developing a stronger parent-child bond.