Your Child Will Be Able To Classify & Organize Information

At this stage, your child will be able to discriminate between things that are alike and those that are different. The ability to classify and organize information also helps to develop logical thinking. Logical thinking is required to solve mathematical problems and in everyday life.  

What you need to knowYour child will enjoy learning from concrete experiences and not use pencil and paper for everything. He will enjoy it better when concrete experiences are given rather than abstract representation. For example, let your child classify various objects around the house into living and non-living. Let him represent the results in pictorial or graphical form using tally marks. Encourage your child to perform sorting and classification exercises using different senses. Your child can use various senses like tactile (touch), auditory (sound), visual (detecting similarities and differences  based on what one sees) to learn to classify and organize things. Logical thinking is developed when an outcome is deduced based on certain related characteristics. For example, its cloudy, so it is likely to rain. We wear rain coats or carry an umbrella when we go out in rains. So on a rainy day,  your child should know that he has to wear, a raincoat  or carry an umbrella to school.

Your Child Will Be Able To Classify & Organize Information




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