Your Child Will Be Able To Write Faster With A Pencil

Your Child Will Be Able To Write Faster With A Pencil
Fine Motor
Eye-Hand movement

At this stage, your child will be able to write faster with a pencil. To be able to grasp a pencil and write fast, your child must have well-developed fine motor skills.

What you need to knowAt this point, yout child's wrist and forearm muscles must work together properly for development of good of pencil skills. Give your child opportunities to develop fine-motor skills by giving her simple activities like cutting papers, coloring a design on paper or letting her fasten buttons/zippers. These activities will help build well-coordinated hand and finger muscles.

Along with the smaller muscles, the shoulder muscles must be strong for the smaller muscles of the hands to work properly. There are exercises that will help build your child’s shoulder muscles. Sometimes inability to hold a pencil properly and a messy handwriting is a symptom of Dyslexia. When in doubt, consult a health practitioner immediately.