Your Child Will Be Capable Of Focusing On The Task On Hand And Avoid Distractions

Your Child Will Be Capable Of Focusing On The Task On Hand And Avoid Distractions
4y to 5y
Cognitive Development

Your child at this age should be able to focus on a task for ten to fifteen minutes at a time with some minor distractions, provided the task is of interest to her.

However, if the task is not of much interest to her and she is doing it alone without supervision, her attention span will range between five to ten minutes only. Your child’s ability to focus is also contextualized. Your child may enjoy playing with her friends but not during her nap time.

What you can do

Pay attention to what you are asking your child to do and get involved in the task. For example, go near your child while she is arranging her toys, ask her questions like show me how you plan to group all your toys’?

Try to find out the cause of distraction in your child. Sometimes, children are unable to focus when they are too tired or hungry or just upset over something. It may happen that your child finds the given task too difficult to perform. In that case, help her by writing down the steps or drawing the steps visually. Help her by breaking the task into concise and sequential steps.

For example, instead of just telling your child to pack her school bag, tell her to first group the items into books, notebooks, writing pens/pencils, eatables to name a few. Tell her to keep each type of item in a separate section of the bag and finally pick the lunch box from the table and keep it in the outside compartment. Do encourage your child on all her efforts.