Your Child Will Be Capable Of Following Directions

Your Child Will Be Capable Of Following Directions
4y to 5y

At this stage, your child’s listening and observing abilities are developing fast, and along with it his vocabulary is also expanding. Your child can now grasp directions from you well. 

What you need to know

However, your child will find it easier to take directions from you when they are given in parts and in proper sequence. This is because at this stage it is still difficult for him to grasp the meaning of simultaneous actions like listening to what is being said, understand the meaning of words, interpreting the steps involved and performing them in correct order. Your child will also enjoy taking directions from you when they are expressed in a playful and fun manner.

What you can do

First of all, ask your child to repeat the steps before he actually executes the task. This will reinforce the process of listening and the steps involved in the task. Give directions while your child is performing the task. For example, you can direct him by saying, "Throw your leftover food from the plate into the garbage bin, close the lid, and then wash your hands."

At times, for certain tasks you may draw the movements or write down the steps. For example, the steps that needs to be performed by your child to arrange his school bag. Sometimes, you may take the help of fun-filled songs and games to make the task joyful. Also, encourage your child to make up his own games and songs that might help him in following directions.

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