Your Child Will Be Enjoying Bathing Time More Now

You must have noticed that your baby is not so cranky during bath these days. In fact, most of the times, she actually enjoys it. Bath time is the time when you can bond with your child, tell funny stories, make funny faces, tickle her and have leads of fun time with her.  If you are giving her a head bath, then you might have to make sure that no soap or shampoo goes into her eyes as this can still freak her out.Your Child Will Be Enjoying Bathing Time More Now

What you need to know

It is best to establish a routine for the bath. Fix a time of the day for bath and try to stick to it. Make sure that it is not the time when your baby is playing or too tired. In either of the cases, she would not like to be picked up and dragged into the bath. Your child will soon know when it is time to take bath and would be ready for it. 




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