Your Child Will Be More Demanding And Testing your Limits Now

Your Child Will Be More Demanding And Testing your Limits Now

There are times when your child wants to continue doing an activity which you have told her to stop. You may get tired of negotiating and her repeated requests have pushed your patience limits. For instance, she wants to play one more time on the slide whereas the previous slide was supposed to be her last. You may wonder -- is she ever going to be satisfied?

What you can do 
One of the ways to handle this situation would be to clarify the deal in advance. For example, if during dinner time, she asks for one more chapter of her favorite book to be read during bedtime, involve her in the decision by asking, one or two? If it’s decided on two, ensure you stick to two chapters. At bedtime, if she insists for more chapters to be read, you can firmly mention, "We had decided on two chapters at dinner time. Let’s go by that. Maybe we can read more tomorrow."

If she is at her friend’s house playing a game, tell her this is the last round before she starts again. Reminding two minutes before will also help. If she still wants more, be calm and empathetic, and remind her about what was decided. If you have tried all this and she won't listen, put your foot down and be firm.