Your Child Will Be More Social With Familiar People Now

Your Child Will Be More Social With Familiar People Now
Group Participation

At this stage, your child is becoming more social. Normally, kiddos of this age need familiar adults nearby as they begin to explore and play. Your child may now be able to cooperate with his friends and take turns to play and also start greeting familiar faces.

Your child may now start showing interests in other children and copy what they do. They may have real friendship, though they may not understand the concept of friendship properly. They may be able to give simple help to peers who are in need, upset, hurt or angry. They may greet familiar faces and also show affection for familiar family and friends. They may imitate parents and friends.

What you need to know

You should always remember that every child is different and develop at their own pace. Don’t worry if your child is late to do some of these things. You can help your child overcome his social barriers. Having a play date is a wonderful way to encourage socialization. You could teach him how to greet and start having conversation in a proper way. Play with your child and explain what it means to wait, take turns and share. Also help your child learn appropriate greetings to be used at proper times.

Always remember to set a good example yourself. Be polite, respectful and caring if you want your child to act in the same way. And also remember that if they are better are at social skills, the will be better off for rest of their life.

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