Your Child Will Become Better At Self-Expression Now

Your bundle of joy has a whole range of emotions now and has even mastered the skill to express them. One moment you will see your child screaming with delight and the very next moment kicking with a fit of rage. This is just a part of growing up and a part of the emotional changes happening in your child. Your child is still learning to cope with these changing moods and the expressions of such emotions will in most likelihood be more dramatic than what is expected of an adult. Your child still does not have the verbal skills to express the emotions, but would easily be able to convey it to you through actions and expressions.Your Child Will Become Better At Self-Expression Now

What you need to know

Temper tantrums are very common at this age as kids sometimes feel a lot of emotions and are not able to express them fully. Try to be a little more receptive towards your child’s feelings and try to talk to them as adults. The more you encourage them to put their emotions in words rather than actions the better will be their power of expression.




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