Your Child Will Begin To Speak In Full Sentences

Your child’s gift of the gab isn’t delivered with a bow on top. It’s more like a jabbering journey that starts with babbling and then single words and leads up to fully detailed accounts of what happened on the playground. But there’s a little milestone in the middle that makes the grand finale possible: learning to speak in sentences. Your Child Will Begin To Speak In Full Sentences

What you need to know

Your child's speech skills are evolving and now they are graduating from their two words only sentences to broken yet full sentences. However, since crying is still easier than using words in sentences, especially when your child is tired, cranky, or overwhelmed, they will still use tears to attempt to get their message across as they are getting the hang of speaking in sentences.

By this age, your child will start turning their two-word sentences into questions and using new words in short sentences. Even if that’s not entirely the case, as long as your child saying new words and using their old standbys in different ways, they are making important progress.




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