Your Child Will Gradually Start Noticing Others' Emotions Now

Have you noticed that your little darling looks very concerned if you get hurt or look upset? Most kids this age are very tuned in and sensitive to the feelings of others around, especially their parents and siblings. If you bang into a table and make a face or make crying sounds, your child will immediately jump in to make sure that you are OK and may even go on to slap and bang the table. Your little darling will even show empathy and sympathy if you look upset. Your Child Will Gradually Start Noticing Others' Emotions Now

What you need to know

The degree of sensitivity of every child differs and it is their inborn temperament that decides how sensitive they will be.  Some kids might be very emotionally sensitive to self but not so clued in to the emotional sensitivity of others. As parents you should not judge your child based on this and should instead appreciate the fact that every child is different.

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