Your Child Will Have A Rapid Vocabulary Expansion

Your Child Will Have A Rapid Vocabulary Expansion
Verbal language

Your bundle of joy is now undergoing rapid vocabulary expansion, learning 5-10 words a day. He is getting better with his/her language skills by involving himself in social interactions with his peers, teachers and parents. He asks for the meaning of words and asks questions to gain information. He often chats, tells jokes, expresses ideas and makes comments on situations and events. For example, if he has watched a movie, he shares and narrates the story and the characters with his friends. In this way, he understands the function and purpose of language.

What you can do 
Another way to help him with his language development can be to play ‘spot the difference’ games with him and let him verbalize what he sees. By now your child can also follow basic 2-3 step directions. For example, if he has to perform a show-and-tell in the class on a given topic, you can guide your child by explaining the sequence. First he has to introduce himself, then announce the name of the topic, speak a few lines and finally conclude the topic.

He also needs to make eye contact and understand the multiple goals of language- gaining and imparting information, an opportunity for public speaking, etc. He also expresses a desire to be part of adult conversations and behave more like an adult.