Your Child Will Have Behavioural Changes- Don't Be Imposing But Be Strict

This is an age when your child is grown up enough to know what exactly being disciplined means. Of course, kids are kids and you cannot dominate them or impose discipline on them. But you might experience numerous changes in your child’s lifestyle in this age; in fact it may even prove to be a wild ride for you as a parent. You may find your child enjoying sharing things more with peers and become disciplined with them and reacting aggressively at times with you. 

What you need to know
This is the time when you need to understand that you are a parent and need to be patient. Talk to your child politely and in a caring and affectionate manner let him understand the disciplines of life. Your child may at one time appear to be defiant and another time, too emotional.Your Child Will Have Behavioural Changes- Don't Be Imposing But Be Strict

But you need to keep an eye on him and teach him the disciplined ways of life. To avoid being adamant, you should teach your child problem solving skills. This can be done by making them join such courses or else playing some fun games with him.

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