Your Child Will Have Many Contradictions With Emotional Development Now

Like many phases in your child’s life, this time period is usually characterized by emotional development in your child. And as a matter of face, a lot of contradictions are on his way.

What you need to know
Though he may have developed himself a lot, deep down you may see him unwilling to come out to the world independently without the security of mom and dad. Well, this is completely a case of emotional development wherein he feels secure at home comfort and a bit awkward at other places. This is the time when you being a parent must help him in stimulating his emotional quotient.

Emotional developments
On the other hand, you may feel at times that he is too caring or gets hurt easily. You need not worry; it’s all a part of the development. You need to make him aware of the emotional constraints that are there at home and at other places. Also if you find your child demanding some sort of privacy like while dressing etc, you must understand and respect it. The feeling of independence is also a kind of emotion for him, so you must let him to do this to the extent that it’s not wrong.Your Child Will Have Many Contradictions With Emotional Development Now

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