Your Child Will Indulge In Onlooker Play

Your Child Will Indulge In Onlooker Play

Around 2 and a half years to 3 and a half years of age your child will be capable of indulging in onlooker play where he enjoys watching others play but doesn’t engage in it. 

What you need to know:

It is common for your kid in the given age group who is still in the process of developing his language skills and have a tendency to feel shy in social settings. Sometimes your child may share a word or two with other children while still preferring to mostly observe as a bystander. You can organize play dates for your child with his friends. Encourage him to play with his friends and improve on his social skills. Help your child deal with conflicts while playing with other children. Make him understand the importance of taking turns to play with a toy or an object. He will understand how to share when you use expressions like ‘Your turn’, ‘His turn’.

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