Your Child Will Indulge In Social Play

Around 5 to 6 years of age your child will be ready for social plays. He will be able to play in a group with other children. Social play activities are structured, have a definite goal, and make children capable of working in cooperation with others. Your child will actively interact with other children in this type of play. For example, games such as musical chair, Chinese whispers, basketball or  any craft and painting activity that is to be accomplished in a group.Your Child Will Indulge In Social Play

What you need to know:

Social play can be a great learning experience for your child where he will pick up new behavioral and social skills by actively collaborating with their peers. It can also help develop his communication and negotiation skills. So, encourage your child to go on play dates with his friends. Your child will learn to take turns, exchange niceties like ‘Please’ and ‘ Thank You’, understand cues, and play effectively to achieve a common goal. Social play in fact helps your child in developing life-skills.




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