Your Child Will Indulge In Solitary Play

Around 2-3 years of age, your child will indulge in solitary play. Your child will love to play alone and will be lost in her own world. Also, by now your child is capable of indulging in functional play, that is, using objects for what they are, and not imagining them to be something else.  

What you need to know:

You can help your child create opportunities to make her solitary play time stimulating and enriched. Give her some props to make her imaginative play more stimulating. For example, in her doll house,  tell her to help ‘mom’ prepare food in the kitchen. Encourage her to play more games which will help develop fine motor skills. Let her explore objects of different shapes and sizes. Examples of solitary play activities can be playing with building blocks, putting together a puzzle, playing with a doll house in a make-believe world, swinging, or just exploring objects. Sometimes, your kid may also indulge in solitary play without any toys or objects and have an imaginary companion with whom they interact. 

Your Child Will Indulge In Solitary Play

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