Your Child Will Now Ask You Questions & Attempt To Understand The Answers Given

At this stage your child will develop a lot of skills, amongst them is the skill of communication. She understands almost everything you want her to know and often is filled with questions on the topics. She asks questions like why, how, when, what and the list goes on. Her inquisitive mind want answers for all these questions and what's even better is that she attempts to understand the answers being given to her.Your Child Will Now Ask You Questions & Attempt To Understand The Answers Given

What you need to know

As a parent you have to develop her communication skills. Talk to her on various topics and let her ask you questions. Give her the answers she wants to know. Read picture books, take her to different neighboring places and spend quality time with her.

Conversing is a way to develop bonding between you and your child. This bridges the gap of hesitation and fear. The natural and healthy growth of your child’s mind is now very obvious. Your child is not afraid to speak her mind out. At this age you can also help her learn other foreign languages too besides her mother tongue. Remember her mind is blank and can be filled with information which will directly have an impact in the years to come.

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