Your Child Will Now Be Able To Color Within Lines

Your Child Will Now Be Able To Color Within Lines
Fine Motor

At this stage, your child’s creative art development is greatly influenced by her environment and the experience she has. Now she has longer attention span and can colour pictures with accuracy and within the boundaries.


What you can do


Now encourage her artistic skills. Make art a regular part of her playtime. Let her follow her own process. Don’t give her any instructions. You have to just notice the process and not just the coloured picture. Give her a variety of art materials like cotton balls, sponges, paints and ask her to experiment with them.


Give her drawing books to practice. Use her art to help her express feelings. Also, display her creative work to others. A word of encouragement and praise will build the self confidence in your little one. Moreover, art experiences will help her in developing independence within limits. This also will enable them to tap into the magic of their own imagination which is what being a child is all about.

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