Your Child Will Now Be More Well Versed With 'Logos'

Your Child Will Now Be More Well Versed With 'Logos'

At this stage, reading becomes connected with hard work of your cutie pie rather than pleasure. Your sweetie pie is 7 years old now, when you will notice that he starts developing visual literacy skills. Visual literacy means that your kiddo can now ‘read’ and interpret graphs, tables, maps and diagrams. And he can also recognise symbols and logos, icons such as KFC, Nike or Domino's. 

What you need to know

At this point, you and the home environment become crucial to your kid's school success. Your little one now begins to recognise many words, and he knows how to make sense of these words. He begins to try new things in reading. For example, he will start reading your e-mails, his comics and other children magazines. This is a positive sign that your child is heading towards accuracy in reading.

However, your little one can get frustrated at times. It is then okay to give him the word, so that he can have a degree of fluency and remember the pronunciation of what he is reading. Always remember that your sweetie pie is facing new challenges in reading process and needs your support and care. Try to be patient and let him take his time to read out the words clearly.




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