Your Child Will Now Begin To Read Chapter Books & Identify Plots, Characters

Your child is now becoming a true reader. She can now read aloud with fluency and also comprehends what she reads. Identifying characters, the story and above all, not missing the joy of reading is what she aims at while picking and reading a book.  Picture books are still preferred but you will find her getting ready to explore chapter books too. The transition from picture books to chapter books highly depends on how independently she reads.Your Child Will Now Begin To Read Chapter Books & Identify Plots, Characters

What you need to know

Don’t rush into introducing chapter books if your child still prefers reading picture books. You can try those books after sometime.  Its more important for her to develop the habit of reading and experience the enjoyment in the process.

While introducing chapter books to your child, try to make the reading interesting. Read aloud, read with emotion and inflection and don’t rush. Make it interactive and above all don’t miss out on the pleasure of reading.

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