Your Child Will Now Develop Storytelling Skills

Your child, at this age, already knows that stories are powerful and wants to tell it again. Your child no doubt finds his own birth more interesting than other stories he might have heard, because your child is a central character in it. And though your child cannot yet tell the whole story on his own, he begins with a proper narrative form “When I was a tiny baby...,” setting the scene in time and identifying the central character. Your Child Will Now Develop Storytelling Skills

What you need to know:

Story telling is perhaps the most powerful way that your kiddo can experience. Narrative thinking is the optimum form of thinking for learning and expressing. Your child’s retelling of his adventure of, say, falling down the stairs captures some of this. The story not only reiterates an event from the past; both the story and the telling of the story convey important information about relationships and feelings of the family. By the time your kid is 3 or 4, he will be able to tell many kinds of stories: autobiography, fiction, and reports they have overheard. He will be able to tell stories with other people, and to other people.




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