Your Child Will Now Find And Correct Simple Spelling Errors

At this stage, your child is spelling many high frequency words (words we see written commonly) correctly. Your sweetie pie's sound and letter relationship skills are developing, which means he is becoming able to break a word into syllables. Simple activities such as clapping, the syllables they can hear in words, reinforces the concept that two or three letter combinations create single sounds.Your Child Will Now Find And Correct Simple Spelling Errors

What you need to know

At this point, you will notice that your child might reach the spelling milestone of forming and grouping words into word families. Your child at this level, with support, might begin to edit their own writing. This means they can look for patterns in their own writing and see if the letters they have written match the sounds they can hear or not. It is a great way to understand that your kiddo is heading towards the fine spelling milestone. It is also a positive sign of developing learning skills. Your kiddo is liekly to start noticing small spelling errors in simple words and rectify them.

However, your child need to be exposed to language experiences to improve their spellings. For this he might need your support and time.

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