Your Child Will Now Have A Dressing Sense of Their Own

Your child is slowly growing up to become an independent human being who has to learn different activities every day. Now they will no longer be dependent on you for every little thing, but will learn to do things by themselves, which you need to encourage so as to make them self-reliant.

What you need to know

Once you have made your kid learn the basics like picking up objects, arranging their toys, etc, then you can start with some more difficult tasks like getting dressed. Take it step by step so that he can observe and learn. Demonstrate how to put the head through the garment and then one by one the hands. Make sure the kid doesn’t get stuck. You can help them while they try it by holding their hands and teaching them the exact arm motion. Repeat this activity each day until they learn how to wear their t-shirt or top. The next step is to make them learn how to fasten buttons.Your Child Will Now Have A Dressing Sense of Their Own

Guide the child calmly and show them how to use both their hands especially their thumb and index fingers to push the button through the hole. Once you have perfected the top clothing then start with skirts, shorts and pants. Make them learn how to hold the garment and push each leg in one by one. It requires balance and that is what the kid needs to learn.

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