Your Child Will Now Have Better Eye Contact

Your Child Will Now Have Better Eye Contact

Your little darling will at times gaze into your eyes when spoken to. These magical moments may not happen all the time but are now more often than before. Even when playing with their friends or talking to an adult, you will notice that they would be looking at each other. Making eye contact is a sign that your child is gaining more self-control and is improving socializing skills.

What you need to know

Making eye contact is a skill that does not come easily and takes time and practice. Although most 2 year olds do not realize the importance of making eye contact and are at times so overwhelmed by different emotions that they will look away just to have the situation in their control. To encourage your toddler to make eye contact, using a puppet is often recommended. Try to hold their gaze on the puppet while talking and then drop the puppet to catch their gaze on your eyes.

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