Your Child Will Now Have Improved Comprehension Skills

Your Child Will Now Have Improved Comprehension Skills

At this stage, your child might be able to read small stories from his book. Your champ is getting very close to the correct pronunciation of some difficult words. By now you will start enjoying strong vocabulary of your child. He will start loving his favorite audio books too. Your honey is 7 years old, and now it’s high time that he starts reading on his own, with much improved understanding of the meaning of those lines in the book with correct fluency.
What you need to do
At this point of time, you can start reading for your child, to teach him what fluent reading sounds like. Also you can ask your child to repeat after you, for example, you can pick up a paragraph or poem of his choice and start reading it, using correct tone to match the emotions of the words and then ask him to read it back to you trying to catch up the fluency and right tone for words. You can always use repeated reading method for your young kiddo, which will improve his comprehensive skill each day. Also you can start using some difficult words from his course book in your day to day vocabulary; it will surely help him with some improved pronunciations. 
Last but not the least you can start some short test for your sweetie pie, for example, make a chart with two columns, first “number of words” and second “time taken.” Now you can daily keep a count on his progress and drawbacks, and if this practice is performed daily it will encourage him to read more number of words correctly, maintaining correct pace by taking less time each day. So as of now just relax and praise your little Einstein for his improved comprehension skills which will surely encourage him and build up his confidence.




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