Your Child Will Now Have More Functioning Hearing Skills

Your Child Will Now Have More Functioning Hearing Skills
Sensory ability

Your kid’s hearing skills will improve a lot at this age. He will be able to hear sounds distinctly. He will also be able to accept louder sounds better than he did during the first 3 years of his life.

What you need to know

As your child’s hearing gets sharper, you might notice that he would be able to hear his name being called even from another room. He can start distinguishing sounds and words better. He would also not shrink away from louder sounds like he did in his first years.

This means that he would be able to listen to music and watch TV at an average normal volume that an adult would listen to. He would also be able to hear you when you whisper to him from a short distance and would be able to repeat that and imitate you. 

What you can do

This is a great age to start games and activities to build his listening abilities. Familiarise him with the sounds of musical instruments, the sounds different animals make.

Blindfold him and play hide and seek to help him explore his hearing skills better. This can also help him identify the direction from which he hears the sounds. Sing and dance with him. Besides giving him a lot of words and sounds to listen to, dancing to fun rhymes can also give you a chance to bond and have some fun with your kids.

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