Your Child Will Now Indulge More in Two-Sided Conversations

At this stage, your child's verbal skills are blossoming. Until now, having a conversation with your child has been a pretty one sided affair. But look out, here comes a speech tsunami! Now your child will indulge in conversations and hence, the exchange of words between you both will be two-sided.Your Child Will Now Indulge More in Two-Sided Conversations

What you need to know

Between the ages of 2 and 3, kids start picking up words faster. Just check out the statistics: at age 2, most children know 20 to 200 words; by age 3, that number soars to about 1,000. Children don't hit those high numbers on their own, however. You have a huge impact on your kid’s language and speech skills, and the more you encourage your child to chat, the better they will do in preschool and beyond.

Developing vocabulary

When kids start school, teachers expect children to have a pretty strong vocabulary, if your child doesn't develop a solid foundation as a baby; they may struggle to keep up with the class. Reading to your child is one of the best ways to help your child start talking up a storm, but there are tons of other creative methods to encourage your child.

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