Your Child Will Now Interact In An Appropriate Manner

Your Child Will Now Interact In An Appropriate Manner
Verbal language

At this age, even though your kid is settled at school and has made friends, all the important emotional and social interactions happen at home. By this age, your child is aware of the sounds that make up words. She can identify words beginning with the same sound or with a combination of two or more different sounds.

What you need to know:

At this point, your kid has learnt the usage of correct forms of verbs to talk about past and future events. She is getting better at telling longer and detailed stories. Her speech should be now easily understood even by a stranger. She also understands most of what is said at home and in school. She interacts with clarity and right expressions and will understand instructions involving distant objects. 

Your child will talk in full and complex sentences and have adult-like conversations although she might still find it hard to describe complex ideas or events. Vocabulary growth is rapid at this age. She understands jokes and riddles and enjoys the ‘show and tell’ activity at school. Your child understands more words than she can say, and is learning as many as 5-10 new words each day. 

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