Your Child Will Now Learn Positioning And Directional Concepts

Your child has entered school and is learning different concepts. Directions are very important for your growing child to understand. You need to make sure he is familiar with left, right, forward and backward. You can try a variety of activities which can test the kid’s knowledge. 

What you need to know:

At this age, games like ludo, chess etc. can be used to teach your kid about directions. You can even transform the living room into a traffic signal and ask him to move in different directions on your command. Apart from directions, positioning is also very important. Your kid must be able to understand the exact position of any person or thing. For example- The book is ‘on’ the table. He should be able to tell that, the book is kept above the table. This might sound as a basic learning but it is very beneficial. Be there to support him and offer him with interesting tasks which tests his mind. Do not scold the little one but be affectionate when he makes a mistake. 

Your Child Will Now Learn Positioning And Directional Concepts

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