Your Child Will Now Learn To Be Kind

At this point, if you want your child to be a stellar student, don't limit his learning to the walls of his classroom. You can be his guide and make him learn much more at home too.

What you need to know:

Although the skills your child is learning there are crucial to his intellectual and social growth, he needs your help to open up the world of ideas. His renewed joy in discovery will transfer to his schoolwork, so you will boost his academic achievement too. Take turns reading with your child, or establish a family reading time when everyone reads your child’s own book. Demonstrate how important reading is to you by filling your home with printed materials: novels, newspapers, even posters and placemats with words for your child.

Your Child Will Now Learn To Be Kind

As a parent, you aspire your child to grow into kind, warm-hearted, considerate and caring individuals. Because kindness is what makes your world a better place and you want your child to contribute to a better world. But while kindness is a common human attribute, you aren’t necessarily born with the innate knowledge of how to ‘be kind’, so learning that is an important part of your child’s social and emotional development.

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