Your Child Will Now Remember Previous Experiences Better

At the age of 5-6, your child develops his remembering capacity. Now, if he is asked to share his memory of kindergarten, he will easily do so. If he sees a picture drawn by him in your cupboard, he will probably explain all that went through his mind at that particular moment before he captured it on the canvas.

What you need to know

Kids generate stories, conversations with one another about anything, so if someday you ask your child about his favorite sport, he would not only share the name but will also tell you when was the last time he played it with his school friends. Children get most excited about nature, the weather, the excitement of big winds, rainbows- everything makes a memory for them. And whenever your child experiences something similar in his daily routine, he feels delighted. His recounting doesn’t get limited to nature.

Your Child Will Now Remember Previous Experiences Better

Now, he also remembers the equation he shares with a person. He wants be photographed only with the people he knows and share his interests, he remembers the chat he had with them from the last time they met. So the memory develops organically, but here you have to play a pivotal role in keeping this strength going for him. Just keep on talking with your child- share your feelings, your point-of-view with him.

Revisit his favorite books, photographs, notes just to make him realize that how important it is to make a connection between the moment you are in and the previous experiences. Take him through your own stories, and he will learn to believe that it is so important to give voice to your memories, otherwise it will all be inside and eventually forgotten.




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