Your Child Will Now Try And Complete A Slightly Complex Puzzle

Now is the time, when not only physical but mental development has also taken place in your child. Your child now has the potential enough to solve certain puzzles and join the blocks correctly even if the level of difficulty is slightly higher.

What you need to know

Your kid has now acquired knowledge and skills to differentiate between a whole and its parts. His sensory development is so strong that he now with the help of shape, size and color can identify two different objects. He will understand a picture and can join the pieces to form the same if given. This is the right age where the concept of math analysis and logic is to be taught.

Your Child Will Now Try And Complete A Slightly Complex Puzzle

Your kid's brain is very raw and sharp, and can grasp anything which cones his way. Try to utilize and throw as many challenges as you can to push his limits. Get a few brain teaser games and puzzles where he is required to join various pieces of a painting or scattered pieces to make a whole. While eating ask your kid to share the thing in equal proportions. Initially, he will struggle but slowly will get on to it. Puzzles are a great way to teach your child problem solving and analytical skills as he will have to use his neurons as to join the dots of a missing puzzle. These activities serves as a perfect platform to make your child into an amazing outgrown personality.




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