Your Child Will Now Understand To Win & Lose

Your Child Will Now Understand To Win & Lose

At this stage, your child learn about right and wrong. Part of this learning takes place during his games. He may make up rules with his peer group and will learn about winning and losing. 

What you need to know:

At this point, your kid will find it hard to lose for several years, he may find it very hard to lose for much longer. Learning to lose is a hard lesson and takes much longer than learning to win. Maybe he doesn't have to learn to win, but losing is very different and he may need extra support as he is learning to manage his feelings in games. By the time he is 3 years old, your kid usually has an understanding of what it means to do the right thing. Playing games with others helps him to learn about rules, fair play, right and wrong. Games also offer a way to safely get rid of angry feelings; he can kick a ball and use lots of energy by playing very hard. Games help with learning about self control and getting on with others.

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