Your Child Will Remember Names Of Months

Your child  is now ready for a full-fledged curriculum in school. At 6 years, she is in grade 1 in school and grasping skills like reading, writing, solving simple arthimetic problems, basic concepts of science, art, and craft. Her attention span increases greatly and she will be able to remember names of the months in the correct sequence. She will also be able to associate events to these months.Your Child Will Remember Names Of Months

What you need to know

Memory is a complex process that involves storing information and recalling them. There are many ways you can increase your child’s memory power. Let her practice  on the names of the month of the year and let her associate significant events to each month. For examples, the festivals that are celebrated  in each month. Ask her questions on past events that took place in a particular month, and let her answer it. According to research, asking questions and including specifics in conversations about past events help your child to develop the ability to store and recall information. 




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