Your Child Will Slowly Be Able To Manage Small Conflicts Now

Your Child Will Slowly Be Able To Manage Small Conflicts Now

At this stage, your child has made many friends. He loves to play and spend time with them. He not only talks about them every day but might also take an extra meal box or anything that he thinks they might like for them. When a conflict occurs amongst them he also manages to resolve them.

What you need to know

Every day is not the same and some days he may disagree with his peer groups. Remember that, to start a friendship is one thing and to maintain it is another. The key skill a child needs to learn is to resolve conflicts. In the absence of this skill the most aggressive child may learn to abuse friendship and will experience rejection by peers for the aggression while passive children may learn to be the victims.

And yet it is important for parents to help children settle conflicts without taking the burden. It is recommended that parents take the role of a ‘coach’ on the sidelines and when a disagreement occurs, involve the child in the process of defining the problem. Brainstorming solutions and picking the perfect solution to solve the problem is another task.