Your Child Will Slowly Begin Walking On Uneven Surfaces

Your baby now knows how to walk confidently. Over the last year his muscle strength and coordination has increased and you can now confidently let go of your baby’s hand even on uneven surfaces. Your little darling now loves to jump, climb up and down the stairs and even walk down inclines. Walking is one of the most fun activities that most children this age love to engage in.

What you need to know

Your Child Will Slowly Begin Walking On Uneven Surfaces

If your toddler has been walking for a while and is ready to attempt walking on uneven surfaces then you can encourage your child by making little obstacle courses in your garden or backyard. Use some extra boxes that may be lying around and lay them over to make a stepping stone kind of course to create an uneven path. Make sure to do this activity on a soft, grassy or padded surface as your child is likely to have some tumbles while attempting this fun activity.

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