Your Child Will Understand 3 Parts Command!

Your Child Will Understand 3 Parts Command!

At this stage, there are different ways in which you can teach your child. This is also the time when your child should be able to grasp multiple instructions. This will enhance his grasping skills in school where there will be multiple instructions in one go. 

What you need to know:

At this age, you have to practice commands on a daily basis so that he gets used to it. This is a good language exercise and must be taught. Make sure he is able to understand commands. Start with single commands such as 'Pick up the toy'. Once your kid has learnt how to understand them then you have to proceed to the next level. Three parts command can be taught to him like, 'Pick up the toy. Place the books in the shelf. Keep the bottle on the table'. You can test your kid by writing these instructions and observing if he follows them correctly. Do not be rude or harsh with him. Make sure your instructions are to the point and not ambiguous.