Your Child's Ability In Academics Is Improving

Your child can now form words, knows their spellings, and can read sentences easily. Most of them will start liking one or more subjects and choose them as their favourite. Maths and English are common choices, though interest in Science at this age is not uncommon.

What you need to know
Due to the developing fine motor skills, they would be able to express what would happen next in a story or can tell the next sequence in simple analytic sums. The children this age can understand symbols and their representation, as the signs ‘+’, ‘-‘, ‘x’ etc are introduced into their curriculum.Your Child's Ability In Academics Is Improving

This is the age they are settling into academic learning and thus developing their own style of learning & understanding of what is taught. Until now the parents would be reading to them, now they show interest in reading by themselves, and increase their knowledge by discussing with you on matters that they read. They should be able to work with 3 and 4 digit numbers and some of them can solve sums mentally. An interest in Science is also developing gradually in your kid and they try to relate what is learnt academically to what is found around them and begin thinking on the how and why.




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